yearbook-9Rather you like it or not, we’ve all experienced some kind of journalism. It’s not only used for yearbook purposes, it’s constantly all around us. I know for a fact that journalism is an important and rather large part of my life, even though I wasn’t part of the journalism part of things that is. I say that because outside of yearbook (as well as school) I like to do things such as write journals, poems, and in the past I used to write songs. Doing such things make/made me the person that I am today. I’m a rather shy person as most people probably already know, so creative writing such as these help me with expressing myself without words actually being said. I’m in complete control of what I write and due to this I can still keep what I say/write as private as I want it to be. I find it a very important thing to be able to express yourself in some shape or form, mine just happens to be writing.

Throughout the semester, our journalism team has been doing a whole lot more than just
throwing words together and putting them on a page. They have been doing their very best to gather insight ayearbook-10s well as plenty of important information at school events and for each of the pages of the book itself. Although the journalism section may just seem like a bunch of words on a page to a majority of people (that’s why some people don’t even bother reading it at all),  there’s so much more to it than just that. Journalism requires time, focus, and a lot of concentration (which not everyone has the ability/passion to do so), but these are huge factors of what is needed for the job to be done well and properly. For last years yearbook, journalism was one of the lowest things the book was scored, which gives us even more motivation to work harder this year and to step up our game in order to bump up our score as much as possible.

The term journalism can be defined as the activity of gathering, yearbook-8assessing, creating, and presenting news and/or information. I also feel like journalism is a good opportunity for exploring new things and getting to know more about something that you may or may not have ever known before. Our journalist our the ones who go out of their way to talk to  many different people in order to get a good story for the purpose of making our yearbook better. There may be times when you finish a piece of writing and be convinced that what you’ve written is the best it possibly can be. However, don’t be offended when other people try to  better your work and give some friendly criticism. It’s important to not take all of the criticism to heart just remember to keep it in mind when you look back at your work. Nothing is perfect, and I can assure you that you will find/notice something that you didn’t before and that’s coming from the person who knows how it feels to constantly fix their work (year in review).  

Journalism is all over the world and it means so much to so many people. No matter what the meaning is behind it, it’s always the heart and what you bring to the table that matters in the end.

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