taken-by-me-5taken-by-meWelcome to the exciting world of taking pictures!

I’m totally kidding, it’s so much more than just that (rather you know it or not). Although I wasn’t a photographer, I know a thing or two about taking pictures.. that is on my iPhone at least. Did I take any pictures for the yearbook? Not exactly, but at the beginning of the course the class was assignment a photography assignment. We all kinda forgot about it, but I still did take some really good pictures for it (as shown throughout this entry)!! Believe it or not, all these pictures shown were taken the same evening. I decided to go on a walk around my neighbourhood with a few friends and instantly I felt inspired. There was a certain mood in the air that I couldn’t explain. The colours of the sky added a special and beautiful visual presence to my pictures, which I very much enjoyed. Getting the perfect shot doesn’t almost never happens in one quick shot. It takes multiple shots to get sometimes one good picture, and at times you don’t even get that perfect shot that that you wanted. It takes a lot to get a picture looking the way you want it to look. In order to take a great good picture it requires things such as proper lighting, good lighting, anything with a nice quality camera, etc.

taken-by-me-3Aside from that, let’s begin to talk about the actual photographers and what they did throughout this course. Throughout the semester, our photographers (being as great and talented as they are) showed major dedication, determination, and motivation. They all ran around during events like school masses, civvies days, and buyouts to take the best of pictures they possibly could. They also, traveled outside school on their own time to watch, support, and of course take pictures of all our sports teams as well as the members. This job goes very much hand-in-hand with my job, which is creative. The two jobs go so hand-in-hand because without these amazing pictures that these photographers take andtaken-by-me-2
provide for us (creative) our job would be next to pointless. We’d all be creating beautiful and artistic layouts and fancy borders with nothings to fill that empty space. The pictures literally complete the appearance section of each and every one of the pages. Each picture adds something different to the book, it almost tells it’s own story on each page. This book is our story because each day we’re creating it and adding our own little special essence to it. There’s such a beautiful thing about this one yearbook in general. This one book can be seen and mean such different things to each and every person who owns it. Even though a picture is worth a thousand words, a yearbook can cause one to become utterly speechless.

“Taking pictures is savoring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”
― Marc Riboud

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”  – Ansel Adams

taken-by-me-6                 taken-by-me-4

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