Welcome to the most important job in the entire yearbook!!! 😀  yearbook5

Okay, fine I’m kidding (a little :P). All the jobs are equally as important and they all require the same amount of hard work and focus. If you haven’t guessed it by now, I was a part of the creative workings behind the whole yearbook. Ms. Navas referred to me as “one of the minions” once, but let’s not go too much into detail with that one… I’m not exactly the leader of creative, hence “the minion”, but I still took on the fun but at times frustrating role. My first assignment in creative was being paired with Stephanie to work on the year in review pages. When given this page, I had little-to-no knowledge of what this double page spread was actually going to be about, but little did I know this one task took up most of my time and a whole lot of my patience. Even though the year in review page was only a double page spread, it was one of the most challenging pages in the entire book, which is kinda ironic because it’s at the back. I learned so much just on these two pages alone than I probably did this whole semester in any other class. While working on this page, I learned about the importance of copy write, cropping and editing photos, and how to use eDesign itself. I wish I could say that the year in review pagyearbook-6es only took Stephanie and I one shot to complete, but that wish didn’t necessarily come true. Plus, if I did say that it’d be one a terrible lie. We did however end up completing the double page spread in time for the first deadline. That is to only than finding out we had to replace multiple of the pictures we put in it due to the wonderful thing known as DPI (by “wonderful” I really mean sickening). While in process of doing so, the two of us were hit with even more news. Was it good news? Ha ha, don’t I wish.. Remember when I mentioned learning about copy write earlier? Yeah, so this is where it comes into play. Due to people and there “rights”, all the hard work Stephanie and I had put into our pages had to be painfully deleted (by yours truly of course ;)). At this point, I felt like my mind had exploded, but luckily Bernadette came to the rescue and decided to give Stephanie a new idea for our layout. Honestly, thank God for her pity on us.. and teamwork of course. 🙂

After the multiple struggles and challenges I had to face in order to get the year in review pages done, I must say I’m pretty proud of how it all came together in the end. Plus, who know that you could do more on PowerPoint than just creating slides for presentations? I know I didn’t until this class (and Bernadette)! And I can say without a doubt that after this double page spread was completed, the other the two sets of double page spreads came along so much easier.

It’s kinda ironic, the only class that I’ve ever been in that wasn’t your typical ‘teacher stands in front of yearbook-7the class and teaches’ kinda thing was the class that I learned so much in. There were no lessons and there was no homework, but even then I found myself growing all around as a person. Due to this class, I will take as well as use all of the techniques I have learned and use them throughout my life and most likely in my future career in business-marketing. Something else I do know is that rather I’m holding that physical copy of the yearbook or not, I know that I’m going to have all the laughs and memories brought with me.

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”  -Willie Nelson

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